The MIG OP-1(z) ABSE fire extinguisher is a universal fire extinguisher with increased fire extinguishing capacity, pumped with dry nitrogen. Significantly surpasses similar fire extinguishers presented on the Russian market and similar in terms of the volume of fire extinguishing agent. This model uses a highly effective fire extinguishing agent – Vekson-ABC 25 powder, which has high anti-caking properties and vibration resistance. Ecologically safe for humans and the environment. This is the most recognized and sought after powder for charging fire extinguishers, which is used in all climatic zones.

Designed to protect premises with a high level of explosion and fire hazard, as well as special vehicles (transportation of dangerous goods). Eliminates ignitions of fires of classes: A – burning of solid substances; B – combustion of liquid substances; C – combustion of gaseous substances; E – burning of electrical equipment under high voltage.

The body of the fire extinguisher is always under pressure, the performance control is carried out according to the indication of the pressure indicator. Recommended location: a country house, a bathhouse, a boiler room, a storeroom, a workshop, a garage, a control room, public, industrial and industrial buildings, as well as premises of category G and D. Environmentally safe for humans and the environment.

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